Friday, July 22, 2011

"...By any other name would smell as sweet..."

My name is weird. And not the "cool" weird. But the boring weird. (Sorry, parents--it's true.) And I'm usually fine with it, even when asked to repeat it, or even spell it. Okay...? But sometimes it's a little annoying. Like just now. I just got off the phone with someone who needed my office email address:

"It's mary (dot) smith (at)..."

"Ha-ha, but that's not your real name, right?"


"Huh-huh. Yeah, I'm in the Witness Protection Program."

And then we go on about something else for a few mintues.

"Okay, so...what was your name?"

"(pause) It's Mary Smith."

I can actually hear her confused, rapid blinking.

"Oh! Oh...uh...right. Got it. So..."

People suck.

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