Monday, September 5, 2011

Today was a fairy tale

Here is some of the deliciousness I did...

*went for a lovely morning run in the lovely 70 degrees
*hung some tres chic sheer purple curtains
*ate a chocolate cupcake
*thought about painting a new accent wall
*bought three pairs of shoes (two are REPLACING two pairs I've been wanting to throw out, so it's actually only one "new" pair. You catch my logic?)
*read a big chunk out of my book club book
*wore glittery eyeshadow
*ran all my errands with the sunroof open
*watched two episodes of "Being Erica"
*bought an uber-cute dress I'm going to wear the crap out of this fall
*finally got that hide-a-key thing settled
*ate my first turkey burger at Mooyah (the skin-on fries were the star of the meal, however)

I'd call that one huge successful Labor Day.

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