Sunday, October 2, 2011

1/5th of #11 is in the can

4(ish) down 36 to go.
9.30.11: Jaxx Steakhouse. Blackened chicken salad with crab-stuffed mushrooms

(see that wee guy in the front? he's the first one I ate)
The first bite was ok. 
For the sake of the experiment (aka: "The List"), I didn't swallow it down all quick-like (like when I was a kid trying to clean my plate before Dad tied me to the chair. But that's another story.) I chewed slowly, allowing my tongue and taste buds to experience (and possible savor?) this new taste in my mouth. 
As I said, the first bite was ok; non-whelming at best. So I immediately speared a second 'shroom. It, too, was ok. And, I must say, I was feeling mighty cocky. Halfway through the third bite, however, the novelty suddenly wore off, and knew if I didn't fully ingest soon, the entire restaurant would be seeing bites 1-3 again. In living color. (Or in shades of mushroomy gray, in this case.)
All of which leads me to determine--once and for all...
I don't like mushrooms.
Now, I can see how some people might consider this first attempt a FAIL. But the exercise wasn't to necessarily prove that--because of my finicky ways--I've been missing out on this major deliciousness my whole life. The exercise was to try something new. And be brave about it. 
Therefore: Huge success. HUGE
So I'll say it again....
I don't like mushrooms!!
The End.

10.1.11: Braums. banana split 
(see those little yellow devils poking out the end?)
Those of you who know me, know that--although I LOVE bananas with a grand passion--I have an even grander passion about how I eat them. Or rather how I WILL NOT eat them. 
The wills: peel the banana myself and eat immediately.
The will nots: basically every other way. No banana bread, no bananas foster, no banana pudding, no banana cream pie, no fried peanut butter & banana sandwich, no bananarama... 
You get the point.
But this is war.
Braums dessert is my krytonite, so I figured it was a safe place to conduct tonight's experiment. And if there were any potential mishaps, like yesterday's mushroom near-debacle, I would at least have three scoops of ice cream to cheer me up. 
Allow me to set the scene:
The night was warm, the hour was late. My partner-in-crime and I were sitting outside in her Chevy Malibu--because the inside of beloved Braums is always too cold and smells like rotten bacon. Said banana split was balancing on my knees. I started at the vanilla side, bravely loading up my white plastic fork with a little something from every layer.
I was a bit worried about the slime-factor/mushiness, of the banana but--perhaps because of its near-frozen state--the texture was rather......perfect. 
I loved it. 
And, although I didn't finish the entire thing (it was huge, mind you, and I'd just eaten a plate of fish n' chips from a neighborhood Irish Pub we just found), I pretty much kicked the crap out of that sundae. 
Another success.

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