Monday, October 31, 2011

Remember to Suck

With the commencement of NaNoWriMo staring me down like a double barrel shotgun (One Day More!), I've tried to do everything humanly possible to prepare. This weekend, for example, I...

1) cut off my nails
2) made a gallon of taco soup
3) sent an email to my family, basically saying good-bye for a month
4) mapped out the quickest route to Sonic
5) returned 10 library books
6) caught up on my DVR (farewell, old friend!)

Here is some recent advise on how to make my goal of 50,000 words (1600+ a day):

"You can always fix a bad page, but you can't fix a blank one."

"Sure, your internal editor is having an aneurysm right now. That's okay. You never liked her anyway."

"Remember to suck."
(No worries there, mate.)

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