Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Writing Inspirations - food

Why I love food
(via: tumblr)
Last night, i was so busy NaNo-ing (yes, i'm using it as a verb now) that i completely forgot to eat dinner. i don't usually eat a proper breakfast either, so by late morning today, i was screaming-starving, generally lethargic and feeling overall uninspired about everything. 

(As a writer in the mist of an important project, this is bad news.)

And little work group decided to go out for lunch. No, i did not eat a purple cupcake for lunch, but what i did have fueled both body and mind. 

(PS: We tried a new burger place around the corner that had some major killer sweet potato fries.)

And now, thanks to the jolly sustenance, i am so excited to get home, slide in front of my laptop, and see what fun-ness my characters can get themselves into!

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