Saturday, November 5, 2011

Writing Inspirations - music

NaNo project official theme song:
Maybe (Love Isn't Funny) - Emma Bunton

Music has always played and huge, HUGE part in not only my writing process, but my story lines, scene moods and even character developments. 

Last week, as I was getting deeper into NaNo, it worried me a little that I had yet to make a soundtrack for my story--which is odd, I usually have a complete CD with 20+ songs (and usually homemade ghetto cover art) before I've started--even if I don't know exactly where my story will be going. I choose songs I hope might lead me in some kind of direction. And you know always works. 
Someday, when my books are turned into worries, Hollywood Executives, the soundtracks are already done! 

So anyway, I was writing last night (ha-ha, of course I was writing last night), and at a very particular scene which really could've used a superfabulous song to capture the moment and my main character's emotions. One of the themes I'm exploring in this story is a kind of "Frenzy Romance:" 

Happens quickly....then it's gone....then it happens again....oh but now where did he go?....things were just getting good.... 

You know, that kind of fun stuff. 

When last night, out of the blue (the way most things like this usually happen for me) the perfect song popped into my head...not only perfect for this scene, but for my lovely story in general.

Currently, Emma Bunton's (previously known as "Baby Spice") Maybe is running through my head on a constant loop. And now that I've written a little more since this musical breakthrough, I am certain it is running through my MC's head too. She's just cool like that.

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