Friday, December 30, 2011

wrap her up.

Sister E called me the other night. She'd just gotten off the phone with this (sorry, sister, but it's true!) HORRID COW of a woman who went on to tell E:  "Hey, I saw some of your pictures on Facebook and hasn't anyone told you that jackets are totally out now? You should dress better in your line of business." 

Okay. . . .
In her wisdom, E called me, knowing that I would know if such a thing was the current trend. 

No jackets? Uhh, no. And weird. 

That's like saying black is out or cashmere is out, I mean NO ONE wears cashmere or black anymore, right? 

In celebration of these fabulous outfit finishers (and to prove HORRID COW wrong), I decided to wear a jacket to work every day this week and send E a pic as proof of the fabulousness.

Tuesday, jacket #1
 Wednesday, jacket #2
Thursday, jacket #3
Friday, jacket #4
So there.

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