Wednesday, January 4, 2012

more in that big bag

#11 - Retry 10 foods I always thought I hated.

So far, I've tackled mushrooms, bananas, chicken-fried steak, coconut and now. . . re-fried beans.

This is one of the many munchy-munches available at my brother's house this past weekend. I'm pretty sure it's called a seven-layer bean dip. . .or some something.
 My lovely and talented niece slaved for hours expertly spreading layer upon layer of beans, sour cream, cheese and. . .well, frankly I have no idea what else was in it. All I knew was. . . here is a food that I never, ever eat. 
Alrighty then. 
Giddy up!
Isn't she cute?
 This is the plate I bravely prepared. 
Only one scoop. You know, just in case. (Please note the Sonic cup close by. As a chaser. Again, just in case.)
And here's what was left. 
Not bad. Not bad at all. Maybe it was the thought of lovely niece's trustworthy hands preparing it, or maybe that it smelled nothing like Taco Bell. 

No, I didn't go back for seconds. Yes, I did finish those last two chips. With queso, maybe. 
Mission: accomplished.

So, according to my calculations, #11 is now 2/5's in the bag.
 * * * Recycle at home * * *
#25 is in the bag
Gorgeous, no?
And speaking of gorgeous. . . . .
Sorry, Brad. You're going to a better place. I'm sure even Angelia will approve.

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