Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm still doing those things I'm doing

Me, checking off some"things"
(clicky here to see the full list)

#40 -  Own my own handgun and CHL

(I'm female, so I have to add: This picture sucks. My hair is short and brown. Enough said.)
And, can I just say, I love shooting. My wee .38 is such fun!

#22 - Carry jumper cables and know how to use them

Now, to be perfectly honest, I haven't actually used them yet, no "lesson" or anything. I was TOLD there is nothing to it...I literally need to follow the pictures and connect the colors. Seem simple enough. Plus, I was further informed that once I remove the cables from my handy little bag, I'll never get them back in there again. So, why make a mess, right?

#11 - Retry ten foods I always thought I hated

Two more down. Only two more to go.

(blackeyed peas)

(fried okra)

Both, I really liked. Thanks, NC for helping me be brave and for taking swell pictures in the dark. xo


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