Friday, February 3, 2012

Things I bought that I love

"I Dig Chicks" by Jonah Jones.

Yes, that Jonah Jones.

I know. I'd never heard of him either. But while I was perusing the vinyls the other day, I snatched up this little honey, sight unseen--or rather, hearing un. . . .heard. ?? 

First, it was in the Easy Listening section, and second, well. . . .just look at the cover. I was intrigued and insulted and mildly grossed out all at the same time. Ergo: it simply had to be mine.

And guess what. It's golden.

Turns out, Jonah Jones has the smooth, interesting, quintessentially 60's jazz voice of a less-raspy Louis Armstrong. (JJ actually plays the trumpet on the record, as well.) 

And then the jazz piano started in. Which--naturally--got me to thinking about Harry Connick, Jr., which got me to thinking about how Harry might sound singing "I Dig Chicks." And what if I was in the room? And then I got distracted and the record ended and the needle started making that annoying skipping sound. And, well, that's about it. 

Crazy, yeah? Dig it...

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