Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today was a big day for this writer chick.

After five-plus years in the making.

It came last night, via email. . . . . .  (drum roll, please)

* * * My publishing contract * * *


Rather bleary-eyed, I read it though a few times, then sent a message to my lawyer brother, asking him to take a look. (Didn't want to sign any future children away, after all. Not yet, at least. Heh-heh.) 

After determining that everything looked kosher, and after sleeping on it one last time.....

The signing began! 

I took over my boss's office (which seemed apropos, since I had also been in his office when I'd first spoken to my then would-be editor from Entangled. Plus, Boss's corner office is so nice, what with all the space, wood furniture, spectacular view and, ya know, natural light.

I just LOVE how my pen name is included on the contract. So totally cool.

Err....what have I done?? Just breathe, writer chick.
I'm trying to enjoy this current moment in time, and not think about the upcoming unreasonable deadlines, hard decisions, painful edits and sleepless night filled with my beloved characters running around in my brain keeping me awake--they're so darling that way. 

And please, feel free to rock out to this
When the book comes out, you'll know why. 



  1. eeek!!!! My sister the published writer!

  2. Wow! You're famous! I can say I knew you when! Congrats.

  3. Yip, yipeeeee! So happy and excited for you!

  4. This is so exciting Mary!! Way to go!! xoxo

  5. Truly awesome. On so many levels. Can't wait to buy a copy of the published book!

  6. amazing! so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Way to go Mary. This was a surprise as I had no idea that you were writing a book. We will look for it. I assume the title is "Over the Moon" we loved the pictures of you as it has been so long since we have seen you. You are a lovely young lady. Best Wishes.
      Love, Loren and Betty Jenks

  7. Very excited for you! Welcome to the Entangled gang!!

  8. congratulations! and welcome to Entangled!

  9. YAY!!!! Congrats. . . and such a CUTE post =) Looking forward to being pub sisters <3

  10. Thank you, my new Twitter friends! I'm so excited to be with Entangled!!

  11. Ah, seeing this brings back such sweet memories. :) Congrats!!! Welcome to the family!!

  12. Congrats!!! You look so happy in those pictures!

  13. Congrats and welcome to the Entangled family!

  14. Congratulations!!!!

    And welcome to the Entangled tribe!!! Happy days!!!

    Lisa :)

  15. Welcome to the family, Ophelia!
    You're too cute with the pix.

  16. What a great post! I love that you took pics in your boss's office. I'm also newly signed with Entangled and enjoying every minute of it.



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