Friday, March 2, 2012

Things I bought that I love

This is what I'm wearing today. Red jeans. That's right. 
But don't be jealous. You too can have red jeans.
$12. From Ross. 
You're welcome.

(I bought hot pink ones too. You can go ahead and be jealous about that.)


  1. soooooo cute!!! I tried on a red cord skirt at Kohl's yest... it wasn't a good enough cut for my er... body.

  2. Oy. Sometimes Kohls is just the devil. Try again in a week and I'm sure it will fit better!

    PS: I didn't realize how freking PALE my feet are. Hurry up, sun!!!

  3. Too, too cute, especially with the polish and bows. And I'm sure you're rockin those jeans.

  4. I don't love wearing flats. I wish I was in heels. Then I'd really be rockin.


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