Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Fashion

Hey ladies. 
Nothing says "fashion" like jeans and heels.

(via: Southern Elegance)

This long weekend is a perfect time for it. 

And while we're on the subject.... 
I love thinking about what my characters would wear. The MC in my current WIP is pretty low-key. She loves jeans (with heels, on the weekend), yoga pants (when no one is looking), cashmere pashminas (because she likes to say "paj-mean-uh"), and no-fuss biz-wear while at the ad agency (where she's a very under-appreciated copywriter). 
Lookie, there she is:
(via: Daily Cup of Couture)

(And, by the way.....happy weekend.)


  1. My character is more into geek chic. Overalls with Wonder Bread T-shirts and Tom's shoes. But, she's a country girl.

    1. Sounds so cute. I bet our characters would be friends.

  2. Very cute post, reeks of 'stunning'!

    Your MC, sweet and sexy, I presume.

    1. "Stunning." Thanks, heehee. Yes, she's sweet and sexy....and she has an equally sweet and sexy love interest. She deserves it, after all. :)


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