Tuesday, September 4, 2012

things I've learned from the second pass of edits

(and I've had two of them now, which makes four passes in all)

 I use these words too much:
     "continued" (we're talking 123 times, but I managed to cut it down to 44. No easy task.)
     "scoffed" (I fear I use it incorrectly, as well)
     "paused" (my new go-to is "hesitate." I might be deleting that one during the third pass.)

I expect people to be mind-readers. They're not. Not even my editor. Who should be, right? 

I am absolutely rubbish at the proper use of the em-dash.

Speaking of punctuation and over-usages, I also overuse (and misuse) ellipses. We're all shocked. . . . .

I can't count - if the way I numbered my chapters is any indication.

Cutting word count is effing hard. I'm much too long-winded for that. Ask anyone.

Evidently, it doesn't faze this writer when I use the same word four times in one paragraph.

Oh well. Moving on. Here's to Round Three!


  1. Good luck on round three! I'm sure you'll be brilliant!!! I have to admit, I love me some ellipses... Good thing no one edits my FB posts. :o)

  2. LOL, I love me some ellipses too! And em-dashes. And I absolutely *cringe* when I see I've reused a word an inordinate number of times. Cringe, I tells ya! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  3. That em dash is a tricky one. Keep up the good work, though, because we're pulling for you!


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