Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't judge me...

3 more days till Twilight's Breaking Dawn part 2! 


Remember when Twilight was pure? Before everything was ruined by Jar-Jar--I mean Jasper's hideous hair?

Join me, and let us take a look back and the good old days:


  1. Oh, yes. This injustice of progressively worsening wiglets baffles me. So I've caught a few of the cast members on the late night shows and totally thought of you when Nikki Reed and her AI hubby sang their BD2 soundtrack song together on Craig Ferguson. I didn't realize she could sing, that is if glorified backup singing counts.

    1. I loathe to admit that I bought the soundtrack on iTunes just last night. Listening it for the first time right now. I have no opinion yet, except the soundtrack that *I* would make (and HAVE made, actually) is MUCH better. I mean, shouldn't "Hungry Like the Wolf" be playing during Bella's first hunt? Hello, no brainer! Hollywood just sucks, doesn't it?


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