Monday, January 28, 2013

Music Monday - what a pip!

With my radio dial turned way to the left, I heard this old gem on my commute home last night. As I was singing along, I found myself doing that echo thing with the Pips. Miss Gladys tells a story about following her man or whatever, but what struck me was how shafted were those Pips. They got like ten lines in the whole song, and some of them aren't even proper words, but sounds of a train whistle.

Here are a few. Don't be shy--sing along. I am.

(too much for the man)
(goin' back to find)
(I know you will)
(superstar, but the didn't get far)
(live in his world)
(gotta go)
(gonna board)

Those Pips did have the slickest moves on stage, though, didn't they?

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