Friday, May 10, 2013


Read the novel for the first time last year. Review(ish) here. Seeing the new movie tonight. Review to come.

I am seriously in love with this story and already know the film will be a disappointment, just because my expectations are sky-high. I've tried to shy away from hearing reviews, but walking around in pubic, some have seeped in. So far, the reviews haven't been stellar, but I'm hopeful. At the very least, I get to stare at Leo for two and a half hours without feeling like an oogy stalker. So how bad is that, right?


  1. Cannot wait...I'm going in with middle of the road expectations and hope it delivers!

  2. Hey Ophelia, I am trying to stay away from reviews myself. I bookmarked your review to read next week, but I am a little concerned about seeing it because it was such a great read.


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