Thursday, November 24, 2011

Writing Inspirations - gratitude

things i'm grateful for:

my charming neighborhood, where I can run around and feel completely safe.
friends who listen and laugh and empathize.
my joyful day job that allows me the opportunity to pursue the art that I love so much.
any and every kind of cheese.
chilly afternoons spent nestled beneath cozy blankets.
the calm that comes from having a clean, candlelit home.
mandy moore--her soft, whisper-sweet sort of singing voice.
the insight gleaned from jane austen's words.
old family games that can make me cackle until I can't breathe.
sweet treats.
holiday lights glowing throughout town.
morning endorphins, afternoon adventures, evening peace.
the absolute knowledge of who I am.
the warmth, the kindness that underlies this season.
and, above all, the health and happiness of my family and friends.

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